Married 12 years. Together 16 years. Two beautiful kids.

I am older than my husband. I was warned not to waste my time as he would one day realise that I was too old for him and by then my eggs would have dried up and I would not be able to have any babies. I didn’t care. I loved him. Our love and my certainty was too great to pass up. I was sure this was my fate and I went all in.

We got married three year’s later. We lived in a sweet little home and enjoyed each other for the first year. However, the next two year’s were filled with work and baby making stress. We were finally lucky, made two beautiful little babies and then left our home town in pursuit of bigger dreams. My husband’s dreams.

And here we are after nine years of me holding down the fort while he studied and built his career far away from us in strange cities that were completely foreign to us. Living a lonely life of missing my husband and wishing we had time for each other. Here we are. We have a priceless love that was not to be denied! At least this is what I felt and thought and still do.

My husband has a very stressful job and works away during the week for the past seven years.

Now I am heartbroken from discovering my husband has been having an affair for the past two years and is currently grieving the loss of this special “friendship” he formed with his co-worker.

Despite all of what has happened, I still want to fight for us and protect our love.

Am I doing the right thing?

 So here I am…fighting the fight…



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  1. I too am quite a bit older than my OH. My biggest fear, which I voiced and he told me wold never happen, was that he would leave me for a younger model. Well he didn’t leave, but he did have a 8½ year Emotional Affair with a co-worker 10 years younger than him. A secret “friendship” I knew nothing about until 3 years ago. We are still together, as he ended it immediately, but life will never be the same. Totally understand where you are coming from. X

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